Ancient China

Ancient China
Intro Video 

Sixth Grade Ancient China Project

1.   You will choose one of the following topics about ancient China.
2.   Your project should have one or two double spaced typed pages in
      google docs of what you have found about the topic along with a
      a.   The visual may be a poster, a collage, a picture you drew or
              something you have assembled.
3.   You must also cite at least three references you used in your
4.   This project is due on December 17th. We will then compile all
      information into a single presentation to review in January.
      When we return from holiday we will celebrate an early Chinese
      New Year and present about our topics.
1.  Camon
2.  Josh
 Silk Road
1.  Ryan, Declan, and Eric
1.  Carli B
2.  Nolan and Elijah
 The Great Wall of China
1.  Kat
2.  Dalton
1.  Lucas and Korbin
2.  Sam and Anna
 Chinese Writing – Calligraphy
1.  Hayden and Dakota
1.  Quinten
1.  Bella
1.  Gage
 Qin Shi Huangdi
1.  Jacob, Michael, Kassi
2.  Kaleb, Jaden, and Tristian
 1.  Taylor, Carley, and Jake
 Geography of China
1.  Ashleigh
2.  Malachi and Kaedin
 How Silk is Made
1.  Paige and Ariana
1.  Kaileigh
2.  Alyssa, Savohna, and Emily
 Chinese New Year
1.  Ezra
2.  Madelyn, Selam, and Laney
1.  Hunter



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