Essay Writing

Essay Writing 
Day One:  Collecting Ideas as Essayists
Day Two:  Growing Essay Ideas
Day Three:  Growing Essay Ideas Continued
essay 1
Day Four:  Contrasting Narrative and Non-Narrative Structures
Day Five:  Creating your essay.  I checked your ideas and reasons in Google Drive, please check my comment next to your reasons.  Several students need to revise their idea/reasons.  Once you have revised your reasons begin your Essay Template.
You will only be working on the Idea/Lesson box.  First, write your idea/lesson as a statement.  Next tell your story in a quick blurb.
Day Six and Seven:   Today you will be working on the reasons in your template.  Type each reason from “Essay Ideas” spreadsheet into a separate box.   Each reason needs to be supported with evidence.
Evidence should sound very familiar.  We have talked about supporting your CR answers with evidence from the text in reading.  Your evidence won’t come from the text.  Instead it should come from common sense and personal experiences.  Evidence is the “supporting details” for each reason.  We will check out my “Essay Template” on the projector before you begin.  (If absent, you should have the document in your Google Drive).
Go to your “Essay Template” and work on reasons and evidence.  All three boxes need to be finished.  Remember to share your document with me.
Day Eight:  Conclusion

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