Opinion Writing: Is Education Important?

One of the most important things to remember when teaching opinion, persuasive, or argumentative writing is to make it interesting to your students.  If they’re not invested in a topic you will never receive quality writing.  EVER!  One of the topics my kids really enjoyed is below. However, if a student truly doesn’t want to write about this topic work with them to choose something else.  They aren’t little robots, there’s a reason I chose this video and topic.  It’s time we think differently about education.

think different



Is Education Important?

Day 1:  Do we really need education?  Is it truly important?  What are your thoughts about education?  Write the answers to these questions and any comments you have about education on the first clean sheet of paper in your writing journal.  Be honest, I really want to know.  After you have finished writing your answers and comments in your journal watch the following video from the perspective of a 13 year old boy.

Hackschoolsing Makes Me Happy

Updated:  Hackschooling Makes Me Happy

After Watching the video create a mind map through your google drive using either coggle or mindmeister. My favorite is coggle.


Include the following:

  1.  Ways you learn:  How do you learn best?  Can you just listen to something and understand it?  Do you need to see things to understand them?  Do you like to do hands-on activities?
  2. What would be your ideal learning environment? Really think on this one.  Be creative.  Time and money don’t really matter.
  3.  How can we teach you better in the “real world” setting? Limited time, funds, and resources.  Remember we don’t have all the money in the world so flights to see Boston are out of the picture 🙂

Day 2:  Using the information you came up with in your mind map create your own document in Google drive.  You need to include the three points above.  Once you have finished your assignment share the document with me in Google classroom.   

Check out yesterday’s lesson.  Opinion Writing:  Just Plain Vanilla!


W.5.1: Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with reasons and information.

State an opinion, and create an organizational structure in which ideas are logically grouped to support the writer’s purpose.

  • Provide logically ordered reasons that are supported by facts and details.
  • Link opinion and reasons using words, phrases, and clauses.
  • Provide a concluding statement or section related to the opinion presented.



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