Persuade Me

It’s always a success when both the kids and I have fun with a lesson.  As the kids were leaving the classroom yesterday I overheard them telling my next hour students things like, “It was actually a fun lesson today” or “You’re going to like class today.”  Of course, I had to get over the word “actually.”  Hey, I understand ELA isn’t the most entertaining subject matter.  I’m up against some pretty creative hands-on classes.  I’ll take what I can get.



Yesterday, I started the kids off with a partner.  They were allowed to use any two appropriate commercials they found on the internet.  They identified the ad techniques, and target audience for each commercial.  THEY GOT IT!  It was the first day they were truly able to show me they understood the content.  We then did a nearpod to close out the lesson.

Today we started off with a Kahoot: Chevy Volt.  As we went through the kahoot we discussed the difference in the commercials.  They were able to explain why one commercial was better at selling the product over the other.

Then they had the true test.  I became the target audience, listing out my wants and needs in a new car.

  1. Reliability (must have)
  2. Under $30,000 (must have)
  3. New-5 years old (must have)
  4. Fuel efficiency, I drive 60 miles a day minimum. (Optional)
  5. Every other weekend I have my nephews, so 6-7 seater.  (Optional)

They needed to find a commercial that would sell me on a vehicle, and create a slide presentation persuading  me to go out and buy the car.  For the most part, I was truly impressed.  Of course, I ended up with one Bugatti, one Lexus, and a Cadillac Escalade, but the rest really targeted me.  Several Ford Explorers, a prius, a couple subarus, and other various vehicles I have considered over the past few months.

As a whole group we watched the commercials and determined who hit the the target the best.  Here were the winners.

Class #1:  Ford Explorer (under $30,000 for a previous year model, 6-7 seater, easy with kids.)

Class #2:  1st place (infer it is reliable, family, emotional appeal, under $30,000 new) and runner up (Fuel efficiency, good price point)




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