Consumer Savvy: Ad Awareness

It was a Monday!  Educators you know what that means.  My kids returned with baggage and no recollection of what we did the previous week.  It can be the most discouraging day sometimes, but it can also be viewed as a clean slate.  We needed to go back over advertisements, determine target audiences, and strategies advertisers use.

To begin I passed out several print ads glued them to construction paper, and had the kids carousel around the room in groups of 3-4 students.  Their assignment was to jot down strategies advertisers used and determine a target audience.  We then discussed what they wrote.  Through this activity I was able to assess we desperately needed more instruction on strategies.  I retaught through a short mini lesson.


After the mini lesson I had the kids go to on their Chromebook where they discussed different print ads I had on the screen.  Again, one of my classes struggled identifying the strategies used.



This brings us to Tuesday.  We created an anchor chart with various ad techniques.  The first half were review, but we added some new techniques to our repertoire as well.


Once we created the anchor chart in our journals, the kids moved into their partner activity.  They viewed the following two commercials and identified the ad techniques and target audience.

Each commercial had multiple techniques.  It turned into a great conversation to close out the lesson.

Check out Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of our Consumer Savvy unit!



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