The Giving Tree  

Day 1: While watching the Giving Tree take Cornell notes in your journal and develop an opinion about the tree.  Is the tree weak or strong?
In the left column write weak or strong next to each thought in the right column.  Do not write in the bottom section just yet.  Meet in two separate groups to discuss details from the text that support your opinion.  Watch the video and add any details to make sure you have a strong enough argument to go up against someone else’s opinions tomorrow.
Day 2:  Today we will argue whether the tree is weak/strong.  Find a partner on the opposing team.  Partner A shares reasons and evidence.  Then partner B shares reasons and evidence.  Go back to opinion alike team to strengthen reasons and evidence.  If someone threw you for a loop, discuss better arguments with your group.  Meet with opposing partner one more time.  Have two people from opposing teams go head to head in front of the class.  Taking the strong reasons and evidence you found and developed you will now create a RACE response to the following question.
Is the tree strong or weak?  Use evidence from the story to support your answer.   
Main Idea:
  Main Idea
Main Idea Practice:
Day One:  Defining Main Idea:  Copy the anchor chart above into your reading journal.
Day Two:

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