Let’s Get Started

     Oh my goodness!  The mad dash to the end of the school year has begun.  While the majority of teachers are in the dredges of winter, just trying to make it through February, I’m already feverishly prepping for a new school year.  I simply can’t wait for the new challenges of becoming a building level administrator.
     Since I’m changing districts and everything was housed on the district website, I am literally going to lose everything I have stored and put into practice in the classroom over the past couple years.  That’s truly the only downside to a school owned website.  So why not compile it somewhere easily accessible to everyone, right?  (Plus, I’ve had a bad bout with hard drives this year.  This is my third computer since December!  And, there’s the plug for Google Drive)
     Let’s get started
     I usually begin the first twentyish days of school breaking the fog of summer.  We relearn how to be students, take beginning of the year diagnostic reading and writing data, build relationships, and begin reading and writing workshop.  At some point in those first twenty days we review genres in reading and writing.  I always begin the year with narratives, usually fictional.  They are easier for the kids to digest after a long break.
 Reading and Writing Genres
Genre Anchor Chart
     In mid October I begin lit groups, discussion groups, and intervention groups with the kids.  When you are ready to begin your reading groups be sure to set norms.  We also use Notice and Note Signposts and thinking stems for group discussions.
Group Norms
Readers Workshop group anchor chart
 Notice and Note Signposts
 notice and note
Thinking Stems
Reading Thinking Stems Anchor Chart